Episode 5 – Why Do You Run a Community Site?

In this episode, we run a little bit long, but it’s for a good cause. We ramble on about a few miscellaneous topics as we get things warmed up, but then we get into the meat and potatoes – Why do you run a community site? It’s an annual discussion that seems to crop up after convention season every year, and we were discussing it over IM. Naturally, that means we brought it to the show. We also went  a little over with some “after hours” discussion about a topic Jon brought up on Twitter today. Read more of this post

Episode 3 – On Becoming a Community Manager

Our beefiest episode yet! This time around, it’s all about one thing – advice for becoming a Community Manager. It’s a question that both Jon and I get frequently, so we wanted to take a few minutes to answer the call. Read more of this post