Episode 50 – Half a Century of Game

Did you think we were gone? Psh! We’ve finally made it to episode 50, and it’s a doozie. This time around we chat about a whole handful of topics, and start a conversation about fan-created materials, including a recent fan film written by Six Okay himself. As one might expect of our longer shows, this one veers off into a discussion about comic books, as well.

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Episode 1 – The Nu15

Okay, that’s a lie, it’s really episode 48 – but we’re talking about DC’s New52 this week! Now that we’ve made it through all of our books, we sit down and chat about DC Comics new direction. Give it a listen and tell us what you picked up!

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Episode 32 – Tweetdeck, turf, and Winging It

This time around, we went in unscripted and unplanned. We didn’t have any specific topics to discuss, but we dove in and ended up talking about a few fun things. In this episode, we discuss Twitter clients, and specifically the rumored sale of Tweetdeck to Twitter. We also talked a little about location-based apps and services, including a look at an interesting new proposal for a location based game app.

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Episode 13 – Luthorless in Metropolis

15MoG: Earth One. In this episode, Jon really wanted to discuss the merits of the latest in DC Comics’ string of Superman reboots. We take on JMS’ modernized Superman origin story and talk about what we liked and hated. Read more of this post

Episode 8 Rises!

This episode, in which we totally intended to talk about other topics entirely, gets taken over by discussion of comic book films, primarily The Dark Knight Rises, and a little bit of some other stuff. We also briefly discuss WootStock, our new Facebook page and… other things! Read more of this post

Episode 7 – In Brightest Day…

We promised we’d be back at it again, and here we are. Not a week after our last episode, we’re back to discuss Game Dev Story and some of our thoughts on the Green Lantern Universe. Read more of this post